Online Games

Mobile touch screens strongly recommended

These games suck. Yeah, kinda, but no, they're just small. The magic 8-ball isn't even a game.

You should play them anyways, they're still fun.

Three of them are cheap knock-offs: flappy bird, space invaders, and a pac-man game with sheep. The invaders game and the pac-man game only have one level. Fun fact, the pac-man type game is called "Shear Terror" because it is about a sheep running from shears. It has four different mazes you can choose from.

There are 3 wholly original games up there though: Clock Cheese, Block Roll, and Playful Puppy Pal.

Oh, and I should mention that Playful Puppy Pal isn't a game in the sense of winning, more of a recreational activity. Originally meant for little kids, but also makes for a nice little brain distraction.